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Brand strategy is the key to achieving marketing clarity for your impact startup. Our method will enrich your understanding of your audience and your competitors as we help you shape your unique role in the marketplace.

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In the world of social and environmental impact, the most successful brands will compete with mainstream staples and connect with everyday consumers, inspiring their loyalty and advocacy. Brand strategy is the key to that success.

Strategy involves discovering unmet needs in the marketplace and positioning your company to occupy those gaps, all while making genuine connections with customers and fostering a steady internal culture at your company.


Forge your philosophy


Understand your audience


Outshine your competition


Position your brand for success


Shape your messaging


Tell your story


Discover your brand personality


Craft a name and tagline

Brand Strategy Process


Brand Exploration

You’ll complete a brief survey that will inform us on the basics of your business and the state of your industry.


Initial Research

Based upon your answers to the Brand Exploration, we’ll complete preliminary audience, competitor, and industry research to inform the Brand Workshops.


Brand Workshop

Depending on your desired involvement in the branding process, we’ll spend three half-days collaborating with your team to build consensus on the philosophy and direction of the brand, as well as your positioning and personality.


Competitive Analysis

We’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ brands, offers, and online presences. Then, we’ll provide actionable insights for your potential brand, visual identity, and website.


Audience Research

We’ll perform qualitative and quantitative research on your past, current, and ideal customers, assessing their feelings toward your competitors and their expectations or concerns about your offer. This helps us to create detailed customer personas.



At this point, we’ll present our findings and initial ideation as we work with you to strategically position your brand in the marketplace.


Brand Persona

With a strategically sound brand position in place, we delve back into creative work, crafting your brand personality and providing extensive guidelines on tone, vocabulary, and appearance.


Messaging Frameworks

Relying upon your new brand voice, we’ll craft your Core Messaging Framework and Brand Story Framework. These frameworks will empower you to create clever and informed marketing that never fails to connect with your ideal customers.


Name and Tagline

At this point, we will meet with you again to present our concepts for a name and tagline for your brand. We’ll workshop it together until we find the perfect fit.


The BrandForge Guide

Finally, we’ll import the 'brand book' content into your new BrandForge Guide, completely customized for your new brand.


Next Steps

Equipped with a solid strategy, we can proceed to crafting your Visual Identity.

Your brand, united.

The final deliverable for the Brand Strategy process is our signature BrandForge Guide, completely customized for your startup. Comprehensive, password-protected, and mobile-friendly, the BrandForge Guide is your map to success.

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