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brands thrive.

Connect with mainstream consumers, claim your rightful market share, and change the world with intelligent brand strategy, polished visuals, and an outstanding website.

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We have 5 stars on Google. Click here to read our google reviews

You’re a visionary.
A dreamer and a doer.

You're not afraid to disrupt the status quo. Neither are we.

We are a team of expert brand strategists and designers dedicated to making the world a better place by breathing life into your brilliant vision.

If you're ready to captivate more investors, attract your ideal customers, and disrupt competitive markets, you're in the right place.

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Forging the future of plant protein

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"BrandShine did a stellar job. They were easy to work with, responsive, and offered great insights. It was a pleasure working with Asa."

– Paul Shapiro
  CEO of The Better Meat Co.


Brand Strategy

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Brand strategy is the scientific art of staking your impact brand's territory in both the eyes of your competitors and in the minds of your ideal customers.

We'll work together to uncover unmet needs in the marketplace and position your impact brand to occupy those gaps. Then, we'll craft frameworks that empower you to make genuine connections with customers and foster a steady internal culture at your company.


Forge your philosophy


Understand your audience


Outshine your competition


Position your brand for success


Shape your messaging


Grow your impact


Discover your brand personality


Craft a name and tagline

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Visual Identity

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A unique, creative, and strategically-guided visual identity draws customers in and meaningfully engages them as they delight in your impact brand's consistent aesthetic and thoughtful layouts.

Great design helps build trust with your market and is often cited by consumers as a direct indicator of brand quality. We'll help you harness the power of design to make a difference.


Logo + animation


Color palette






Pitch decks






Style guide

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Website Design

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We custom-code each bespoke website to fit your unique needs and the desires of your customers while maintaining a consistent brand and design aesthetic.

A website built by BrandShine ensures that you'll reach your prospects, connect with them both emotionally and rationally, and drive them to take meaningful action.


Responsive and mobile-friendly


User-friendly and accessible


Search Engine Optimized


Easy to edit/maintain


Clean-coded and fast-loading


E-commerce ready


No maintenance fees


No cookie-cutter templates

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Why us?


We share your visionary mindset.

Like you, we're setting out to disrupt industry standards and make the world a better place. You can rely on us to deliver a thoughtful and innovative approach that is both data-driven and creatively inspired.


We've forged proven methods.

Our expert-led, personalized services are guided by uniquely comprehensive and refined systems that ensure boundless creativity, impressive results, and consistent client satisfaction.


We're good to the core.

We are personable, timely, and fair. Our clients tell us that we’re easy to work with and fun to be around. We’re excited to build a relationship with you based upon mutual respect and admiration.

We build with

Webflow is a web design and development platform from the future. We use it to create unforgettable websites for groundbreaking impact startups like yours.

Why Webflow?

We offer next-gen deliverables.

Our comprehensive branding process results in your startup’s BrandForge Guide, a premium digital branding deliverable that is unlike any other.

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During your brand audit, we’ll have a friendly chat about your goals and provide a brief review of your brand assets, such as your website, logo, and communication strategy. Then, we’ll offer actionable insights and next steps.

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“BrandShine is an incredible experience for a business.”   “Very professional, timely and incredibly easy to work with.”   ”BrandShine did a fantastic job of taking our vision and turning it into a reality.”

“BrandShine did a stellar job.”   “BrandShine did a marvelous job on our website redesign and brand overhaul.”   “Our project was thorough and on time.“

“Asa will stop at nothing to see your dream through.“   “We were thrilled with the results. You will not be disappointed.”   ”The energy he brings to the branding process is contagious.”

“Asa is highly talented and was a joy to work with.”    ”Asa makes the experience interactive and educational.”   ”He was easy to work with and provided expert advice to make sure we were not missing a thing.”

“Asa is completely committed to finding, developing and implementing the optimal solutions for his clients.”   ”Asa brings the perfect blend of creativity and strategy to every project.”

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You've always seen
things differently.

When others shrug their shoulders at the troubles of our time, you brainstorm solutions. Where others see hopelessness, you see opportunity.

We founded BrandShine to help ingenious heroes save the world, one idea at a time.

We elevate sustainable brands.

If you’re setting out to make our world a happier, healthier, and fairer place to live, you’re our kind of client. We'll strategize your success, equip you with a best-in-class online presence, and help you pave your way to transforming the status quo.

Sound like a perfect fit?

Let's get to know each other. Our agency exists to help your startup thrive, and we're excited to educate and empower you.

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We empower tomorrow's innovators.

Whether you're growing a solar energy startup, a fair-trade marketplace, a plant-based innovation, a social enterprise, or something even more innovative, we're here to guide you as you blaze trails.

Your values are our values.

Unlike many other agencies, we don't work with fast food chains, oil conglomerates, profit-obsessed pharmaceutical giants, or any other industries that benefit from negatively affecting our planet and the people living on it.

We share an ethos with our clients: we believe that we can make things better.

Branding, at your pace.

Whether you're in the early stages of your startup, were recently funded, or your company is due for a rebrand, we offer flexible packages and varied scopes so that we can elevate your branding and focus your vision while accommodating your budget.

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Meet the founder.

Asa Goldstein is a seasoned brand strategist, web developer, and creative director.

BrandShine was founded on Asa’s passion for sustainability, futurism, and impact, alongside his talent for strategic creativity, writing, and design.

Asa helps impact startups to discover their defining traits, and translates their newfound identity into eye-catching collateral, comprehensive brand guides, and top-of-the-line websites.

Help create impact around the world.

We donate a portion of our revenue to Kiva.org, where we lend money to impact startups in developing countries. Once the companies succeed and return on our investment, we reinvest the profit with other less privileged impact entrepreneurs. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Pictured: Agrosolar raised $50k through Kiva to finance the growing demand for their solar-powered irrigation systems.

Book your
free brand audit.

During your brand audit, we’ll explore your current brand strategy and assets to ascertain opportunities for improvement. Then, we’ll offer actionable insights and potential solutions.

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