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We help impact startups connect with consumers, claim their rightful market share, and change the world by fueling them with intelligent brand strategies, memorable visuals, and outstanding websites.

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You're a visionary. A dreamer and a doer.
And you're not afraid to disrupt the status quo.
Neither are we.

We are expert brand strategists and designers dedicated to making the world a better place by breathing life into your brilliant vision.

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The better meat co.

The Better Meat Co. is transforming the global food system with their revolutionary plant protein formulations and innovative mycoprotein solutions. We helped them to create a market-ready brand strategy, visual identity, and new website.

"BrandShine did a stellar job. They were easy to work with, responsive, and offered great insights. It was a pleasure working with Asa."

- Paul Shapiro, CEO

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"BrandShine is an incredible company that did a marvelous job on the website design and brand overhaul for our law firm. You will not be disappointed; we were thrilled with the results."

- Robert Keating, Founding Partner
"Asa has been very professional, timely and incredibly easy to work with. We had been looking for almost a year to have someone help us build what we wanted and we are so glad Asa and BrandShine was able to complete this for us!

- Jenny Dillon, Office Administrator
"As a small company, we wanted someone to see our dream and turn it into a wonderful website. Asa did just that! We love what we do, and we found someone just as passionate about his business as we are. Asa will stop at nothing to see your dream through. So thankful we found BrandShine!"

- Porscha Pride, Co-Founder
“Asa brings the perfect blend of creativity and strategy to every project. He’s completely committed to finding, developing and implementing the optimal solutions for his clients. The energy he brings to the branding process is contagious."

- Kara Lashley, President
“Asa produced a fresh and colorful new design for the website of our therapy practice that really catches the eye. The overall layout of the site is wonderful and easy to navigate. We’re very pleased with the results!“

- Julie Kogan-White, Co-Founder

Why work with us?

We share your visionary mindset.

Like you, we're setting out to disrupt industry standards and make the world a better place. You can rely on us to deliver a thoughtful and innovative approach that is both data-driven and creatively inspired.

We've forged proven methods.

Our expert-led services are guided by uniquely comprehensive and refined systems that ensure boundless creativity, impressive results, and consistent client satisfaction.

We're good to the core.

We’re personable, timely, and fair. Our clients tell us that we’re easy to work with and fun to be around. We’re excited to build a relationship with you based upon mutual respect and admiration.

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Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Website Design

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About you, about us

You've always seen things differently.

When others shrug their shoulders at the troubles of our time, you brainstorm solutions. Where others see hopelessness, you see opportunity.

We founded BrandShine
to help ingenious heroes save the world, one idea at a time.

We elevate sustainable brands that set out to make our world a happier, healthier, and more fair place to live. We'll strategize your success, equip you with a best-in-class online presence, and help you pave your way to transforming the status quo.

Whether you're growing a solar energy startup, a fair-trade marketplace, a plant-based food offering, a social enterprise, or something even more innovative, we're here to guide you as you blaze trails.

So, why choose BrandShine?

Unlike many other agencies, we don't work with fast food chains, oil conglomerates, profit-obsessed pharmaceutical giants, or any other industries that benefit from negatively affecting our planet and the people living on it.

We share an ethos with our clients: We believe that we can make things better.

You could just stand by as your vision falls apart at the hands of a corporate committee. You could let your great idea get passed off to junior associates and strangers overseas.

But, why would you want to do that?

Work one-on-one with our purpose-driven Creative Director, from strategy to execution, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for big-name agency overhead.

There's no time to waste. The future begins now.

Meet the Founder

Asa Goldstein is a seasoned brand strategist, web designer, and creative director. He has worked with branding agencies, startups, and small- to medium-sized businesses for several years.

Asa’s passion is helping businesses to discover their defining traits and develop internal cultures and external collateral that reflect their missions and personalities. His articles, designs, and copywriting have been featured in national publications.

Asa graduated with honors from Elon University with a degree in Strategic Communications and Entrepreneurship.

As a small, agile, remote team, we produce no office waste or commute-related pollution, while offering lower prices and faster turnaround times than our local competitors.

Let's build a brighter world, together.

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We donate a generous portion of our profits to, where we lend money to impact startups in developing countries. Once the companies succeed and return on the investment, we reinvest our profit with other less privileged entrepreneurs. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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