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Grow your startup with impossibly brilliant branding.

Empower your marketing efforts, outshine your competition, impress investors, and attract top talent with a daring strategy, a striking visual identity, and an awe-inspiring website for your growth-stage startup.

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We have 5 stars on Google. Click here to read our google reviews



Pioneering eco-luxury boating

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"BrandShine’s process completely transformed our startup by clarifying our vision, challenging our assumptions, elevating our processes, and bringing every aspect of our dream brand to life."

– Austin Thiele
  CEO of Coastal Captains


Forging the future of plant protein

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Building the teams of tomorrow

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Startups that defy the odds and grow without limits have meaningful messaging, clever positioning, profound purpose, and charm that resonates to the core. Meanwhile, those whose brands lack direction, cohesion, and credibility can't scale––and under the pressure of rapid growth, they fail.

To break through this 'brand bottleneck' and forge differentiation immune to imitation, your team needs to attain clarity, perspective, and an energizing spark of insight––each illuminated by intensive market research, transformative thinking, and tech that transcends the ordinary.

If you're seeking a like-minded partner to help you evolve beyond your early-stage branding and starter website to shape the brand you've dreamed of since day one––a brand you can truly believe in––you're in the right place.

Rebranding your startup redefines what's possible.

Let's find the
magic in the madness.

Growing your startup can be challenging and chaotic. We'll help you discover clarity in your marketing, secure cohesion among your leadership, and deepen your understanding of your audience so you can position your brand for success and lead your company with purpose.

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Brand Strategy

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There’s more than enough noise in the market––your startup needs branding that strikes the right chord, expresses your unique purpose, and claims your distinct position in the market.

Our data-driven process leverages the key perspectives of your team, your audience, and the existing market to triangulate insights that reveal unseen opportunities and fuel branding greatness––inspiring extraordinary customer experiences.

We'll equip your startup with the messaging and storytelling frameworks needed to communicate complex concepts and products with the simplicity and emotional impact that drive decision-making, whether for B2B or B2C.

With a modern brand that tugs at heartstrings, captures the imagination, and activates action, there will be nothing to stop your startup from infinite growth.


Brand Auditing
Reputation Evaluation
Stakeholder Survey
Extensive Workshops


Competitive Analysis
Audience Research
Surveys & Interviews
Insights & Ideation


Messaging & Storytelling
Impact & Sustainability


Tagline Creation
CX Consulting
Website Copy
Employer Branding

Visual Identity

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In order to close industry-disrupting deals and grow your loyal audience, you'll need a visual brand that is as meaningful as it is memorable––an instantly recognizable identity that delights the senses and stirs the soul.

We'll help your rapidly maturing startup find its place in the market by standing out, crafting a humanized brand with guidelines that guarantee the flawless consistency needed to make a lasting impression.

It's time to see your startup in a new light.


Logo Design
Logo Animation + Audio
Colors and Textures
Digital Style Guide
Audio Logo


Social Media
Editable Templates
Ad Graphics
Investor Decks

Website Creation

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Let's face it: it's dangerous to play it safe when it comes to building a growth-stage website for a startup as disruptive as yours.

Your startup is challenging the status quo, questioning age-old assumptions, and pushing the limits of what was thought to be possible––your website should embody that same philosophy.

We embrace the power of poetry in business to craft moving copywriting, distinguished designs, and remarkable online experiences that motivate your visitors to take action––all built on platforms that can scale with your startup.

Built by pros.

Responsive and mobile-friendly
Search Engine Optimized
Clean-coded and fast-loading
User-friendly and fully accessible

Different by design.

No cookie-cutter templates
No maintenance fees
Easy to edit
Fully-custom e-commerce

Growth Strategy

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With your new brand firmly established and your website primed to convert new visitors, you'll be eager to scale your marketing efforts and transform those inspiring ideas into impactful numbers.

We'll help you analyze, strategize, and craft a data-driven marketing strategy (and materials) so you can launch your campaigns with one of our marketing agency partners at the moment your website goes live.

You'll also gain an in-depth understanding of your customer's journey, forge an actionable plan for content creation, and be well on the way to building your active community of brand evangelists.

Our Growth Strategy process runs alongside our Brand Strategy process and follows the same philosophical framework, with all deliverables incorporated into your BrandCenter.


Digital Marketing Audit
True Cost Analysis
Attribution Questionnaire
Marketing Tech Stack Analysis
Marketing Goals Survey
Strategy Meeting


Competitive Ad Analysis
Audience Targeting Research
Advocate Engagement
Data Integrity Audit
Pricing Optimization
Insights & Ideation


Marketing Mix Model & Budgeting
Creative Campaign Strategy
Content Planning
Cadence Guidelines
Example Content & Outlines
Ad Creative Concepts


A/B Testing Framework
Media Planning
Evangelist Development
Community Platform Setup
Employer Reputation
Best Practices Guidelines

The soul of your brand in the palm of your hand.

Your custom BrandCenter is a futuristic deliverable that unites your new brand guidelines, comprehensive marketing strategy, and downloadable asset library under one password-protected URL.

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Your zero-stress website with limitless capability.

We leverage industry-leading tools like Webflow to build fully-custom, ultra-optimized websites for ground-breaking startups like yours––without the need for maintenance, ongoing fees, or editing headaches.

Why Webflow?

Purpose is our passion.

We love working with already purpose-driven startups (from climate-tech to DEI), but if you're not yet, we'll help you uncover on-brand social impact and sustainability opportunities––essential to forging values-based relationships with your ideal customers and building a leading brand.

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“BrandShine is an incredible experience for a business.”   “Very professional, timely and incredibly easy to work with.”   ”BrandShine did a fantastic job of taking our vision and turning it into a reality.”

“BrandShine did a stellar job.”   “BrandShine did a marvelous job on our website redesign and brand overhaul.”   “They created a brand and website that exceed what I could have imagined for my business." "Our project was thorough and on time.“

“BrandShine will stop at nothing to see your dream through.“   “We were thrilled with the results. You will not be disappointed.”   ”The energy Asa brings to the branding process is contagious.”

“Asa is highly talented and was a joy to work with.”    ”They make the experience interactive and educational.”   ”They were easy to work with and provided expert advice to make sure we were not missing a thing.”

“BrandShine is completely committed to finding, developing and implementing the optimal solutions for their clients.”   ”BrandShine brings the perfect blend of creativity and strategy to every project.”


The Contradictions of Choosing an Agency

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5 Paradoxical Principles of Branding and Design

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The Puzzling Relationship of Branding & Marketing

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Impossible Branding: from Fear to Love

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We give infinitely to make an impact around the world.

A portion of our revenue is lended to future-forward startups in developing countries via Kiva.org. Once the companies grow and repay our investment, we reinvest the repayment with other less privileged impact entrepreneurs. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Pictured: Agrosolar raised $50k through Kiva to finance the growing demand for their solar-powered irrigation systems.

Lightbulb moments to last the lifetime of your business.

Our process reliably transforms abstract ideas into concrete results. Drawing upon data-driven insights and enchanting creative concepts, we forge brands that are poignantly authentic, starkly differentiated, and imminently scalable.

If you're ready to take the guesswork out of marketing, inspire your mission-oriented team, and attract your next round of investment, you've found the right agency.

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