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Rebranding StaffGrabbers

StaffGrabbers is a staffing agency that helps place diverse, world-class Product/UX talent at impactful and culture-forward companies. We helped them refine their brand and build a stellar website.

Key Result: 4X all-time revenue over the next 4 months.

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“I can’t say enough good things about working with BrandShine... I’m thrilled with the result. BrandShine helped me flesh out my vision while creating a brand and website that exceed what I could have imagined for my business."

Nick Civitarese
Founder, StaffGrabbers


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Logo Refresh


3D Illustration

3D Animation

Harmonizing brand with expression.

StaffGrabbers is clear in their intention: to turn the world of recruiting upside-down by actively rebelling against industry stereotypes and revolutionizing an increasingly outdated culture. Adored by candidates and clients alike, their ethos revolves around providing intelligent counsel, compassionate feedback, and constant communication to both parties.

Within one year of launching, StaffGrabbers rocketed to massive success in their flourishing niche––but they had a major obstacle: their catchy and modern company name, StaffGrabbers, resonated with some potential clients and candidates while alienating others.

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With such an attention-grabbing name, StaffGrabbers achieved incredible response rates to their cold email campaigns––but the founder still felt uneasy about the uniquely provocative name.

During our brand workshops with Nick, the founder, we discovered that what StaffGrabbers does isn't quite 'grabbing' at all.

The StaffGrabbers are many things––they're headhunters, matchmakers even. They use next-gen sourcing techniques to carefully select ideal, top-tier, diverse candidates to pair with competitive Product roles at exciting startups. They take pride in their 'white-glove' approach, providing exceptional and deeply personalized services to clients and candidates alike.

While the word 'grab' appropriately conveyed the StaffGrabbers' tenacity, speed, and fearlessness, it carried a heavy load of negative associations.

to grab (verb): to grasp or seize suddenly and roughly.

StaffGrabbers does the opposite. They gently hold the hands of their candidates through the challenging process of finding their dream job, while selectively hand-picking ideal candidates for their clients.

Combined with their powerful and aggressive original red brand color, their existing brand was failing to inspire the right feelings and perceptions in their audience.

Clearly, if the name was to be kept (as was the wish of the leadership team), the new brand would need to be shaped around softening the name and narrowing the definition of 'grab' to better communicate the positive attributes of the business and their newly uncovered personality.

So, we got to work!

Illustrating the future of recruitment.

After generating a polished and vibrant new visual identity (and refining their logo), we approached the specifics of the new visual language for StaffGrabbers.

Almost immediately, we knew that 3D characters would best communicate StaffGrabbers' youthful, disruptive, and playful appeal while maintaining an air of professionalism and a tech-savvy twist.

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Shortly into the illustration process, we encountered a quandary: how could we communicate the machine-like precision of the StaffGrabbers process while avoiding a dehumanizing appearance?

After careful deliberation, we uncovered a key insight: candidates want to be "grabbed"––they want to be selected. They're eager to be chosen, and transition from their dead-end job to their dream role. They want to have their hands held through the process. We needed to reframe the idea of grabbing by implementing familiar visual cues.

From there, the illustrations quickly took shape.

For the client-facing webpage, eagerly hiring startups can see that StaffGrabbers' candidates are just as eager to be hired.

On the candidate-focused page, it's clear that StaffGrabbers offers a white-glove service that drastically transforms the candidate's career.

The final stylescape for StaffGrabbers.

StaffGrabbers' BrandCenter.

Creating a vibrant and user-friendly website.

The existing StaffGrabbers site was built by the founder in WordPress, and although he did a bang-up job for a beginner, the visual appeal and user experience left something to be desired.

In fact, the founder was concerned that despite attracting a far above-average quantity of leads to his site with stellar cold emails, not as many were reaching out due to the site's drawbacks.

The founder knew one thing: he wouldn't be able to appeal to Product/UX clients with a site that downplayed the importance of user experience. Again, we were off to the races to build a site that StaffGrabbers could proudly promote.

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After writing all-new copy for the full site, and incorporating the edgy voice needed to balance out the playful visuals, we got to work on designing and developing the StaffGrabbers' new 'front door'. By building the site in Webflow, we were able to create an engaging, interactive, and highly visual experience while maintaining lightning-fast loading speeds.

We also built a landing page generator using the Webflow CMS, which we used to generate 350+ landing pages customized to city and job category combinations for clients and candidates.

We tastefully speckled these landing pages with their corresponding keywords, meaning that search engines will rank each page independently––essentially creating an SEO powerhouse for StaffGrabbers, appealing to hundreds of job roles across the country.

The best part? The StaffGrabbers will be able to use Webflow's client-facing Editor to generate new landing pages in a single click, even en masse. By simply typing out a new city name and position type, an entirely new page will be automatically and immediately produced.

Lastly, we created a classy and engaging multi-step contact form.

The client-facing landing page generator in action.

The candidate-facing landing page generator in action.


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