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Rebranding The Better Meat Co.

The Better Meat Co. is transforming the global food system with their revolutionary plant protein formulations and innovative mycoprotein solutions.

We helped them to create a market-ready brand strategy, visual identity, and new website.

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Forging a sustainable global food ecosystem.

The Better Meat Co. helps food companies make meat with a hint of magic by offering plant protein formulations that seamlessly incorporate into ground meat, thereby reducing costs, improving nutrition, and enhancing flavor and texture, all while appealing to the growing population of ‘flexitarians’ worldwide and reducing the footprint of the meat industry. As a result, they received $8M in seed funding in the summer of 2020.

Now, The Better Meat Co. is poised to completely revolutionize the food industry with their next-generation mycoprotein offering, Rhiza. With the ability to drastically reduce the environmental impact, cruelty, and cost of the current meat industry, their new superfood ingredient Rhiza will provide meat-lovers with a nutrient-packed, sustainable, and most importantly, meaty plant protein option.

In fact, blind taste testers say it’s the meatiest plant protein they’ve ever tasted. And this isn’t just an experiment––as of June, 2021, they’re ready to begin producing Rhiza at scale. More nutritious, sustainable, and efficient than soy, wheat, or pea proteins, Rhiza is like nothing seen before in the B2B ingredients space.

Empowering an ingenious startup to revolutionize the plant protein space.

In order to compete with existing global ingredient conglomerates and appeal to meat making corporations, The Better Meat Co. needed a brand overhaul, including a research-backed brand strategy, an enticing brand personality inspired by their magical innovations, a communication framework, an overhauled visual identity, and a new website. Of course, we were happy to oblige.

Strategizing the future of food.

As part of our signature brand strategy process, we conducted several interviews with past clients, and even ideal clients such as food innovation leaders at Starbucks, Amazon, Johnsonville Sausage, and more. We also conducted expansive competitive analyses of The Better Meat Co.’s global competitors to uncover opportunities for differentiation. These insights (along with those gathered during our conversations with The Better Meat Co. leadership team) helped inform a new brand personality, visual identity, and user experience.

We also helped The Better Meat Co. to rename their entire product line with a more concise and clear nomenclature, simplifying their ordering process and making it easier for customers to find the right ingredient for their needs.

Equipped with extremely detailed buyer personas, a brand personality toolset including extensive vocabulary and tone guidelines, and a versatile communication framework for Rhiza, The Better Meat Co. is prepared to present a consistent, appealing, and persuasive brand to potential clients and stakeholders.

Best of all, this full brand strategy documentation is contained in a password-protected, mobile-friendly online compendium which we call the BrandForge Guide, completely customized to their new brand.

A small fraction of the BrandForge Guide's content.

Visualizing the next generation of meat.

Before working with BrandShine, The Better Meat Co. used inconsistent colors, fonts, and image styles in their sales decks and website. After reviewing their current assets, we created a new style guide, which included a full color palette, typography set, patterns, mockups, templates, and more.

The final stylescape which inspired the full visual identity.

Luckily, The Better Meat Co. already had a clever logo. However, the current color was a bit drab. So, we brightened it up, infusing it with a meatier, more classic red color.


The Better Meat Co. logo


Then, we created a magical logo animation to be used in advertisements, presentations, and even as an email signature.

Appearing seamlessly in a puff of smoke, The Better Meat Co.'s new animation conveys the simplicity, ease-of-use, and awe-inspiring innovation of their products.

Building a website for a global business with a startup feel.

A clever and visually striking opening animation sets the tone for the user experience.

Alongside the redesign, we wrote all-new copywriting aligned with their new brand personality. We also reorganized their ingredient listings into user-friendly sliders, and recreated their educational content to be more fluid and engaging. Using the Webflow Editor, their team will be able to easily add new ingredients, news articles, and team members with just a few clicks.

A simplified ingredient slider makes browsing more ergonomic and alluring.

We developed an engaging and interactive page for Rhiza.

Thrilling the stakeholders and creating a buzz.

The CEO, Paul, the VP of Business Development, Dylan, and the rest of the team at The Better Meat Co. are ecstatic about their new site, visual identity, and strategy. Here’s what they had to say.

“We worked with BrandShine to create a new brand identity and website for our startup and they did a stellar job. They were easy to work with, responsive, and offered great insights. It was a pleasure working with Asa.” - Paul Shapiro, CEO. ✪✪✪✪✪

“BrandShine did a fantastic job of taking our vision and turning it into a reality. The communication was great and our project was thorough and on time. It was a pleasure working with Asa.” - Dylan Schoettley, VP of Business Development. ✪✪✪✪✪

Rhiza has already been featured in publications such as Forbes, Food Dive, Food Navigator, Sacramento Business Journal, Food Business Ingredients, Alt-Meat, and Meat + Poultry. Local Sacramento Fox and CBS TV affiliates also did stories live from the ribbon-cutting event.

In October 2021, The Better Meat Co. secured a coveted partnership with Hormel to create a new line of Rhiza-powered products.

Your brand, united.

The final deliverable for the Brand Strategy and Visual Identity processes is our signature BrandForge Guide. With instant links to your style guide and all your brand assets, the BrandForge Guide is your home base for marketing.

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